• Family Inc.. Using Business Principles To Maximize Your Family's Wealth

Family Inc.. Using Business Principles To Maximize Your Family's Wealth

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Actionable, intelligent CFO training for the Chief Family Financial Officer Family Inc

Create your own financial prosperity and security Align financial acumen with your family's specific situation Adapt to real-world situations and make your financial advisor work for you Utilize powerful financial tools to help you build financial independence Every family needs a CFO to manage wealth, and the principles of corporate finance apply from the boardroom to the living room

Family Inc

Life is not a template, and even the best strategy must be able to adapt to real-life situations

Oversimplified wealth management advice does not leave you equipped to manage your real-world finances

This book takes a different track, giving you a crash course in corporate finance and the tools to apply the field's proven, time-tested principles in the context of your family's financial situation

This guide is written with intellectual rigor, but in the language of family discussion, to give you a real, practical guide to being an effective family CFO

Too much personal wealth management advice essentially boils down to goal-setting, which isn't helpful or effective in terms of overall financial planning

You'll learn the key principles of wealth creation and management, and learn how to make your intellectual and real capital work for you

You'll learn to chart your own path to financial security, utilizing the author's own tools that he developed over 15 years as an active board member, chairman of the board, or chief financial officer of multiple companies

Your family situation is unique, and your principles must sometimes differ from the standard financial advice and that's okay

Delivers actionable advice in the form of CFO training to help you plot a real-world family financial plan.

Is a roadmap to financial security for the family CFO


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